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LEBEN is dedicated in providing the latest and highest quality products in the styles that appeal to today’s buyer. With over 300 options in Flooring, Wall Coverings and Ceilings, available in stock and over 10 million square feet sold in the past 5 Years, we are always looking for new ways to grow our network. We are focused on supplying our dealers with what they need, from competitive pricing to publicity material, so that they can be the most successful within their local markets.


LATEST RANGE : Every year we add about 2-3 new products to our bouquet to keep our resellers and dealers updated with the latest trends in Decorative building materials

HONEST PRICING : We offer the most reasonable and competitive prices without any compromise in quality. We take pride in offering our customers with just the right price by controlling the maximum selling price and keeping it transparent through our online portal. 

COMPLETE STOCK : We backup our commitment by stocking 100% of the SKUs in the collection (most of our competitors simply do not do that). This means that your customers will be able to get whatever they choose from the entire range.

ONLINE PRESENCE : We invest a lot to maintain a strong online presence and it shows! Currently, we see over 500 unique visitors to our website every month. Our team filters the requirements and connects the serious buyers with our dealers to bring business to their door step.

UNIQUENESS : We do not offer dealerships in close proximities. By controlling market saturation, we ensure that our retailers can stand out by being able to offer a unique product.

COMMITMENT : We never go around our resellers to sell directly to a customer. So you can be confident that you’ll never have to compete with us.


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